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Fighters Choice was incorporated on March 2, 2018. Its main objective is the production, sales and exportation of their Products and equipment. "Fighters Choice". The company has been skillfully producing only Products and equipment made of the world's finest quality materials in PAKISTAN under the brand name. As a company, it has distinguished itself by receiving the acceptance of the international Level Product. Because of their superior design and craftsmanship, along with their high standard of materials used in production, the reputation of "Fighters Choice" products is known to people throughout the world.

Fighters Choice spent over a year developing its offices and factory; using the finest imported machinery. Their exceptional operations continue to show their expertise in production, marketing and design. The production methods utilized are both contemporary and efficient and held to the highest levels of quality control.

Fighters Choice is currently the leading exporter of Products to the world market. As a result of their efficiency and industrious perseverance, they have been recognized with an award by Government Of PAKISTAN. The Fighters Choice conducted an examination of amateur boxing gloves, head gear, and protective equipment at the request of F.A. Fighters Choice and found their quality to be outstanding.

Fighters Choice continues to develop and succeed with continuous business growth and high consumer ratings; through their expertise in all areas, they have:

Developed products that continue to be the apex of competition in the field of Products.
Developed Quality Control methods that ensure that all products are created in accordance with the needs and requirements of the customers.
Streamlined the use of computers in production, which, in-turn, increases the receipt of purchase orders throughout the world and trade throughout the Internet.
Has been recognized by the Fighters Choice as an outstanding employer and safe workplace

» Our Mission:

The most important ( Delivery in time! )
The most concerning ( Quality Products! )
The most needed ever ( The competitive price! )

» Quality and Price:

We take 100% guarantee and assurance of the quality of the products made in our working units with most competitive prices feasible for every kind of market of the world namely, Europe, United States of America, UK, Japan etc.

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